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Expansion joints are usually performed in combination with shrinkage and compensating shifts of individual sections of the building as a result of movements of the subgrade.

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Veepee Engineers is a market leader in the production and sale of various profiles for Expansion Joints. We follow the latest EJMA Standard and ASME for design, manufacture, and quality assurance of Metallic Bellows & Joints. We offer all types of end fittings and in all grades of materials as per customers’ requirements and application.


Expansion Joint supplier in india

MS Slip Expansion Joints

Sleeve Type Expansion Joint

The joints will be made from steel and are proposed for use in frameworks passing on water. Mechanical extension joints are not expected for use in covered conditions. This standard portrays fabricated steel mechanical slip-type extension joints having pressing chambers for use on pipe with plain, flanged, notched, or bore closes in ostensible line sizes.

Slip Type Expansion Joints

Expansion Joint manufacturer in india

Slip-type pipe development joints are utilized when the essential issue is a huge pivotal development. Materials can be chosen to oblige high temperatures and pressing factors. Configuration subtleties incorporate the choice of pressing and seals and maybe protection from rough solids. A few applications may expect surfaces to limit grating wear. 

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  • Clean the pipe surface, making it clean and free of soil, mud and scale as possible to enable the clamp fasket to successfully seal against the pipe surface
  • Hold the clamp against the pipe and draw left and right clamp end locator marks on the pipe
  • Use water or sudes to lubricate the pipe in order to make the sealing ring easier to install.
  • Clean and lubricate the bolt can lower the friction then make it easier for tightening the bolt and nut.
  • Keep a stable water pressure in teh pipe to prevent sudries.
  • When pipe is lubricate well, rise up the water level over the pipe.
  • Tighten the middle nut can help to control the water spray, then tighten the bolt.
  • Drill a hol on both end of the pipe can help to reduce the pressure and prevent enlarging the leak point.
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