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VIMPA fittings comprise of factory assembled parts. Simply slim them over plain pipe ends and tighten the followers and the specially compunded gaskets to make a permanent, flexible pressure tight seal within seccods.

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Why VeePee Engineers Pipe Coupling Are Best

Our Pipe Couplings permit pressure up to 1500 psi & Parts conform to BS, ASTM, and ANSI specs. It can fit all the load density no matter in the installation or in the use.

It offers quick installation, without disassembling anything. It also works even if the pipe is swelled, shrinked or moved for any reason.

pipe coupling manufacturer in india

Features of Our Pipe Coupling


Our Pipe Coupling can handle Pressure up to 1500 psi easily.


Our Pipe Coupling parts conforms to BS, ASTM and ANSI specs.


Deflection up to 60 on individual section.


Offset of pipe ends by 1/8"

Size Options

Variation of 1/4" on outside diameter of pipes to be joined.

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Pipe Couplings We Offer

Sleeve Coupling

Compression Coupling

Sleeve Coupling manufacturer
Compression Coupling Manufacturer in india

Vimpa PE Coupling is a mechanical pipe Coupling meant for plain end pipes. It comprises two flanges (MCI/DI) one central sleeve (M.S) two wedge section Rubber Rings one set of single Spanner Zn-plated Bolt & Nut.

Tightening of the bolts draws the flanges together compressing the sealing rings in the gap between the sleeve and end flanges onto the pipe thus effecting a leak-tight joint.

Rubber sealing Rings are available in Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Silicon. They are available in a quick fit ( up to DN 300) and un-fit versions. 

compression fitting is a type of coupling used to connect two pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve.


Water, Oil, Air, Fuel, Chemicals, Slurry, Brine, Acid & Alkali Solutions, Sewage, Refrigerants, Gasolene, Gas Nature, sweet or sour, gas by-product Gas manufactured, Cerosote, Tar, Butane-Propane, Aromatic & aliphatic hydrocarbons, benzene condensates, low-pressure steam (up to 150 F) etc.


We inspire and help our customers

  • Clean the pipe surface, making it clean and free of soil, mud and scale as possible to enable the clamp fasket to successfully seal against the pipe surface
  • Hold the clamp against the pipe and draw left and right clamp end locator marks on the pipe
  • Use water or sudes to lubricate the pipe in order to make the sealing ring easier to install.
  • Clean and lubricate the bolt can lower the friction then make it easier for tightening the bolt and nut.
  • Keep a stable water pressure in teh pipe to prevent sudries.
  • When pipe is lubricate well, rise up the water level over the pipe.
  • Tighten the middle nut can help to control the water spray, then tighten the bolt.
  • Drill a hol on both end of the pipe can help to reduce the pressure and prevent enlarging the leak point.
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